Regarding the PAYMENT:

  1. The total cost of each group class/individual class must be paid in advanced and its total.

  2. The payment indicates the student's firm intention to take the classes and it is not-refundable.

  3. In a case of a cancelation, SOL Language Clubs might refund the payment only if the student notifies SOL Language Clubs, at least, one weeks before the start of the classes.

  4. If a cancelation is agreed, SOL Language Clubs will refund 90% of the payment, 10% will be keep by SOL Language Clubs to cover administrative costs.

Regarding the ATTENDANCE:

  1. The sessions will start and end at the times set in advanced and a mutual agreetment.

  2. We offer a flexible service, and provided the student notify SOL Language Clubs, at least, 2 working days in advanced, the lesson may be re-schedule without loss of fees.

  3. If no notification is received this lesson will be counted as given, without any claim or refund.

  4. If SOL Language Clubs cancels a session, this hour/s will be reassigned to a future date or may be passes to the next contract.

Regarding what the COST DOES NOT INCLUDED:

  1. Books, Workbooks, Activities Books, DVDs.

  2. Any office supply such as pencil, pens, notebooks

  3. Transportation, petrol, loss of work etc.

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