We offer ONE2ONE classes online to:
  • learn Spanish from the beginning

  • review for GCSE exams

  • study a specific topic

  • for business

  • just to chat

If you are ready to start give us a call or send us a mesaje with the days, hours and date to start. We will check our availibality and arrange it for you.

After, we have agreed the days, times and starting date you can fill out the application form and pay the contract depending on your choise.  Prices per hour as detail below.

  • 1 hour class £50.00

  • 2 to 9 hours contract £35.00 p/h

  • 10 hours or more contract £25.00 p/h

Note:  These contracts can be renewed as many times as you wish.

Online Discussion

If you have already received Spanish classes or have prior knowledge of the language, please take the placement test, it is free of charge.
Fill out the form bellow to arrange the day and time to do it.

Thanks! Message sent.