We offer private classes for:
  • individual

  • groups

  • review for the GCSE exams

  • study for an specific topic

  • traveling

The classes can take place at the person's house, office or any other venue.  If lessons are in a different venue than SOL Language Clubs there will be an additional cost for trasportation.

The total hours contract must be paid in advance and it is total to apply discounts. If you need more info or if you have any questions please call us or fill in the form below.

Please do not forget to read Terms and Conditions.


One2One 1 hour

£40.00 p/h

One2One 2-5 Hours

£30.00 p/h

One2One 6-10 Hours

£28.00 p/h

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One2One 11-15 Hours

£26.00 p/h

One2One 16-20 Hours

£25.00 p/h

One2One 21 hrs +

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If you want to contract more than 20 hours, please contact us

To booked and appoitmen to take the placement test, please fill in the form below
Watford-Hertfordshire             0778 6675 814